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Join our first ever NIC Stories session, followed by a relaxing After Work discussion.
May 12, 2021

The peaks and valleys of entrepreneurial life

You're welcome to join our first ever NIC Stories session: a free-flowing interview hosted by NIC member Oscar Rudnäs.

August Strandberg and Christoffer Sirén of NY Group (among many other companies)are serial entrepreneurs who have been starting and running companies for as long as they can remember. With ventures in a wide-ranging fields such as construction, high-end cars, consulting and ecommerce startups, there is bound to be high peaks and low valleys. Join us to find out what they are!

After the Stories session, it's the standard AW (at home) fare of wide-ranging discussions over a glass of your favourite beverage, be it tea or beer.

Join us on 12.5 at 18:00 in this Zoom-room:

Written by
Frank Sandqvist

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